Local Products

The SADC du Haut-Saint-François invites you to explore the region, sampling local agri-food products as you enjoy the beautiful landscapes.

Be sure to include some of our many agri-food producers in your itinerary. This online directory makes it quick and easy to find local food. You can search by municipality or by product category.

To begin with, the Panoramic Sheds tourist route will give you a taste of the country roads and striking landscapes of the Haut-Saint-François. Each shed has a bold and unique design inspired by small farm buildings. In addition to offering scenic views, the sheds showcase local culture by featuring local artwork or historical information.

Summit Drive stretches across the International Dark Sky Reserve, providing breathtaking views of rugged mountains and majestic lakes. This road travels through the municipalities of Chartierville, La Patrie, Hampden and Weedon.

The Townships Trail will take you along scenic routes through Cookshire-Eaton, Bury, Dudswell and Lingwick. Immerse yourself in history as you explore the region’s built heritage, covered bridges, churches and historic homes.

Choose local food products—pure satisfaction!

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